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شارژر فندکی اسپارک | Car Charger Battery for DJI SPARK


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خرید شارژر فندکی اسپارک

شارژر فندکی خودرو مخصوص اسپارک قابلیت شارژ همزمان 1 باتری و 1 ریموت را دارد تا در زمانی که شما به برق شهری دسترسی ندارید نیاز شما را برطرف کند.

شارژر فندکی اسپارک


Powerextra Upgraded 4.5A Car Charger for DJI Spark Battery / Remote Controller

:DJI Spark Intelligent 4.5A Battery Car Charger

This car charger is designed for DJI Spark battery and remote controller. It can charge a battery and a remote controller simultaneously.
The car charger can charge DJI Spark battery fully within a short time, approx. 50 minutes. It has quick charging output 13.05V 2.5A/5V 2A.
The battery car charger has advanced built-in protection to safeguard battery from overload, over discharge and short circuit.
The DJI Spark car charger is made with a small compact size for convenient use in a car. It’s ideal for flight batteries to get charges on the go.

Upgraded 4.5A Car Charger for DJI Spark Battery / Remote Controller

Convenient Car Charger for DJI Flight Batteries

This intelligent battery car charger can charge a flight battery and a remote controller simultaneously thanks to the 2 output port design. Despite small size, the car charger has powerful input and output (Input: 12V-16V, DC Output: 13.05V 2.5A/5V 2A) to meet the need of fast charging. The small car charger is made of durable material with safety system to protect batteries and itself.


Input: 12V-16V
DC Output: 13.05V 2.5A / 5V 2A
Operating Temperature: 0-40 Celsius Degrees
Compatible Model: DJI Spark Intelligent Flight Battery and Remote Controller


1 x Intelligent 2 in 1 Car Charger for DJI Spark Battery and Remote Controller

Car Charger Battery for DJI SPARK

Warranty Policy

● The brand new high-quality replacement batteries are totally guranteed of real specification.
● Free Exchange against man-made damage from date of purchase & 30 days’ refund unconditionally for every purchase from Powerextra.
● Professional technical support, efficient and timely satisfactory customer service around the clock.


Powerextra is specialized in manufacturing flight batteries and chargers, power tool batteries, digital batteries and chargers, and related accessories. Powerextra is one of top selling brands for replacement batteries at Amazon.Powerextra products are made of the highest quality materials by CE certification. They are tested by manufacturer to match OEM products.

Car Charger Battery for DJI SPARK

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